Labour staff face being told before Christmas that they’ll lose their jobs

Labour staff face being told before Christmas that they’ll lose their jobs

Some Labour staff could be told they have lost their jobs before Christmas after the party’s crushing defeat.

In a letter from party General Secretary Jennie Formby, staff were congratulated for their hard work in the campaign.

But the letter also warned that a reduction in money Labour receives to support its work as the Official Opposition meant people may lose their jobs.

The letter thanks staff for the “incredible work over the last six weeks”.

But while it confirms that no staffing decisions will be made over the weekend it warns that Labour chiefs will meet “early next week with the full time officers from each of the unions to discuss the impact of this result”.

In what will be a small conciliation to the staff whose jobs are at risk, Ms Formby said that at risk staff, believe to be those associated with Mr Corbyn’s office and the Shadow Cabinet, will not be out of “before the end of the year”.

The party could lose just over £1million pound in public support – known as short money –  as it is calculated by the number of MPs a party elects.

0 Labour party annual conference 2015 - Labour staff face being told before Christmas that they'll lose their jobs
The letter came from General Secretary Jennie Formby, pictured here with Corbyn in 2015

The Mirror understands that the party is yet to make any decision about where jobs may be lost, but that funding for various roles is was dependent on the previous level of short money funding.

Jennie Formby’s letter to staff in full

Dear All,

Firstly, I want to thank you all for your incredible work over the last six weeks. No-one could have done more than you during the election campaign, whether in London, Newcastle or in the regions – and I know that like me, you will be devastated at the prospect of a Johnson-led Conservative Government.

Of course we will now need to spend some time reflecting on the results to determine what our next steps should be, but we will always fight for our Labour values of inclusion, equality and compassion, and to do all we can to resist further privatisation and sell off our NHS and the terrible impact of Tory austerity.

I am conscious that many of you will be worried about what this means for you personally and I want to confirm that we won’t be making any decisions in relation to staffing until next week.

This includes those staff on contracts linked to Jeremy as Leader of the Opposition or to specific politicians. I want each of you to be able to rest over the weekend after the massive effort everyone has put in. Once the dust has settled we will confirm what this means for you and offer the opportunity to talk to one of the team about it. However, it is very important to reassure you straight away that no one from the above groups of staff will leave before the end of the year.

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Importantly, we will arrange to meet early next week with the full time officers from each of the unions to discuss the impact of this result with a view to giving as much notice as possible to mitigate the impact of the reduction in short money.

Thank you again for everything you have done over the last six weeks. I am hugely proud to lead such a talented and dedicated team.

With kindest regards,


Jennie Formby

General Secretary

The Labour Party

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