Letters to the Editor, March 9

Letters to the Editor, March 9


Canadians have always suspected but it’s now confirmed who runs our governments. The World Health Organization (WHO). The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Bureaucracy. Teachers unions. Environmental activists. Activists. The permanently offended. The 80% of Canadians who get up and go to work each day and attempt to improve their standard of living and get ahead are damned.

Brent Blackburn

(There are far too many unelected bodies with influence over our lives. The problem is these types of organizations are accountable to no one)


Every day that passes seems to be another day added to the number of days that Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig have been held captive. A few months ago, I encouraged people to contact the Chinese ambassador. However, as I read about the many areas of inaction by our Canadian government, I can’t help but question whether Canada is actively pursuing their release. If the Canadian government is not actively pursuing their release, then why would one expect the Chinese ambassador to take up the pursuit. In addition to calling the ambassador’s number, Canadians can contact their local Member of Parliament to encourage government participation. Would we not want our MPs working for us if we or a family member were being held? Letters can be mailed free of charge to an MP or emailed to an MP’s website. It’s time that these men were released.

Bev Naylor
Orleans, Ont.

(The federal Liberal government has been incapable of making any progress to secure their freedom)


During the last round of strikes, a teacher acquaintance sheepishly admitted that he had nothing to fear from what the government was proposing. The real threat to his job, he said, was upsetting the union and being blacklisted. I think of this conversation whenever I see teachers walking the picket lines or whenever an anti-bullying message is sent home from my kids’ school. The union leadership is not concerned with the quality of your child’s education nor are they concerned with balancing the budget. Those are jobs for the teachers and the government. So good on Doug Ford for standing up to the real bully in the room. I hope some day soon the teachers do, as well.

Gord Anderson
Stoney Creek

(It is way past the teachers to accept a deal and end their job action)


Re “Keep it down” (Letters to the Editor, March 7): There is another transit-related noise issue that needs to be addressed. TTC and YRT buses (and other regional services, I assume) announce stops for the benefit of the visually impaired. This is a commendable gesture but I live on a major street with a bus stop outside. I am on an upper level of the building and hear these announcements all night long. Perhaps it’s time to lower the volume somewhat for night-time travel.

Paul Konikoff

(It’s worth looking into if it can be programmed for certain times)

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