SCARY MOMENT: Reporters’ camera struck by suspect on live TV

SCARY MOMENT: Reporters’ camera struck by suspect on live TV

CHCH’s Morning Live reporter Sylvie Lendvay and cameraman Luke Gudgin were reporting live on scene where a 35-year-old male pedestrian was killed after being hit by a pick-up truck in Haldimand, Ont., when a passerby allegedly knocked their camera to the ground just after 7 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The incident caused quite a scare for the show’s hosts and viewers. It’s reported the suspect fled in a vehicle and that the OPP has been notified of the incident.

Thankfully, Lendvay and Gudgin were not injured. Morning Live took to Twitter to reassure viewers that everyone involved was okay after the tense moment.

“In case you were watching the top of the 7am half hour, we just want to let you all know that (Lendvay) and (Gudgin) are okay on location. Thank you all for your concern,” the tweet read.

One Twitter user recorded the live news feed of the incident and posted it online for all to see.

In the video, host Bob Cowan sends the newscast over to Lendvay who doesn’t get a word in before the camera is hit.

A voice is heard in the video saying, “Oh my God,” before the newsfeed goes back to co-host Annette Hamm in the studio who says: “Okay I’m sorry, we had some problem there so we will get back to Sylvie in just a moment,” before moving on with the morning news.

Meanwhile, Twitter users were quick to respond to Morning Live’s tweet that everyone was safe.

“Wow! So thankful both are okay,” one user wrote.

Another user commented: “Thank God all are okay.”

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