While you were sleeping: Man charged after fight over How I Met Your Mother

While you were sleeping: Man charged after fight over How I Met Your Mother

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The cast of the CBS TV series How I Met Your Mother, (L-R) Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris. ( Photo: CBS)


Here’s what happened in the aftermath of another Habs win. (No, that is not a mistake.) 

City hall hosted a 75-minute consultation about Montreal’s empty storefront problem. The event kicked off a larger effort to address a retail vacancy rate that, at 15 per cent, is both unchanged from five years and double what is considered acceptable. On thoroughfares such as St-Denis St. or Ste-Catherine St. E., 26 per cent of storefronts sit empty. “It’s clear the numbers are high,” said Maha Berechid, an economic development adviser for the city. City economists have sought to analyze actions taken elsewhere to come up with so-called “best practices” that could help Montreal tackle the empty storefront issue. Possible steps include slapping taxes on vacant premises; creating a website that would match retail entrepreneurs with empty store owners; as well as creating a registry of vacant premises, Berechid said. The last measure, adopted by New York City in May, carries penalties for owners that don’t declare their vacant properties. It’s too soon to evaluate its impact, she said.

It turns out that Quebecers Googled the Toronto Raptors and Lasagna a fair bit in 2019. Those were among the top trending searches in the province revealed by the Internet giant. As ever, these findings revealed Quebec to be different — one might say better — than the rest of Canada, which had beef Stroganoff as its top trending recipe. There were, however, some commonalities between trends in Quebec and Canada. Game of Thrones was the top trending TV show in both and the Toronto Raptors were the top search overall. Yes, a sports team from Toronto actually united Quebec and the rest of Canada. What a time to be alive!

A Wisconsin man was arrested after getting into a fight over the TV show How I Met Your Mother. Police officers found two men in an SUV who admitted to sparring over the TV show that ended in 2014, the Janesville Gazette reports. It’s not clear why they were fighting insofar as they both purported to love it. One of the men was charged with intoxicated driving.

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