HSE seeks to hire all available healthcare workers

HSE seeks to hire all available healthcare workers

The HSE has said it is planning to take on as many doctors, nurses and healthcare staff as it can as part of a massive recruitment drive to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

The HSE said on Tuesday that it wanted to establish pools of doctors, nurses, therapists and other grades in the expectation of widescale demand for health services in the weeks ahead.

The Minister for Health Simon Harris said there would be no financial limits on the recruitment programme.

“The only constraint will be the availability of people”.

“The health service can hire everybody and anybody who is suitably qualified to work in the Irish public system”, Mr Harris said.

HSE chief executive Paul Reid said the health service was looking for qualified healthcare workers including medical, nursing and therapy personnel as well as healthcare assistants as part of a the recruitment campaign.

He said he hoped to see a “massive number”of applications under the recruitment scheme.

He said such staff would be needed to support the health service in the weeks ahead.

Retired staff

Mr Reid said the HSE had already proactively reached out to personnel who had retired in the last four or five years.

“Because of their experience and skill sets, we are very anxious to have them available to us”

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