Maps show where the coronavirus has spread

Maps show where the coronavirus has spread

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Chinese health officials say the new strain of coronavirus came from wild animals sold at a market in Wuhan, a city of 11 million and the capital of Hubei province in central China. The pneumonia-like illness has spread rapidly since appearing in late December, and the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus outbreak a ‘public health emergency’.

As of Sunday afternoon, the virus has infected more than 65,000 people in China and killed more than 1,000, surpassing the number of those killed by the SARS virus in 2003. China revised the total case numbers in Hubei province by an additional 15,000 — and raised the death tally by over 200 — after it took into account cases in which doctors are allowed to diagnose patients based on clinical methods.

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Confirmed cases of the potentially deadly virus are beginning to pop up outside of China. In the United States, health officials confirmed 15 cases of the pneumonia-like illness. Infections have also been confirmed in France, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Nepal, Cambodia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Taiwan, Canada and Sri Lanka.

In the United States, a Washington state man was diagnosed with the virus several days after his return Jan. 15 from the region around Wuhan. A woman in Chicago was also diagnosed with the virus, after traveling to Wuhan in late December and returning Jan. 13. Fifteen cases have been confirmed, including the first person-to-person transmission of coronavirus confirmed in U.S.

Chinese authorities took the unprecedented step last week of announcing plans to suspend all outbound transportation from Wuhan in an effort to contain the illness. Wuhan is a key transport hub for goods moving from China’s interior to the coast, as well as for north-south commercial traffic.

U.S. officials announced they were denying entry to foreign nationals who recently visited China. United, American and Delta airlines announced they would begin cancelling flights to China. International carriers, including British Airways, Air France, Lion Air and Lufthansa group have also announced they are canceling flights to China.

coronavirus flights xxsmall - Maps show where the coronavirus has spread

Flights shown are from Jan. 15

coronavirus flights xsmall - Maps show where the coronavirus has spread

Flights shown are from Jan. 15

coronavirus flights medium - Maps show where the coronavirus has spread

Flights shown are from Jan. 15

coronavirus flights large - Maps show where the coronavirus has spread

Flights shown are from Jan. 15

Coronaviruses range from the common cold to much more serious diseases that can infect both humans and animals, including severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, and Middle East respiratory syndrome, also known as MERS.

Transmission type Vaccine available? Number of cases Number of deaths
Novel coronavirus (2019-2020) Person to person No 68,508 1,665
SARS (2003) Close person to person No 8,098 774
Ebola (2014-2016) Direct contact, bodily fluids Yes, experimental 28,616 11,310
Measles (2018), worldwide Airborne, close person to person Yes 9,769,400 142,300
U.S. Flu Season (2019-2020)* Person to person Yes 15,000,000 – 21,000,000 8,200 – 20,000

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Number of cases data WHO, CDC, NHC and Dingxiangyuan, collected by Johns Hopkins University.

*U.S. flu season estimates are preliminary and based on data from CDC’s weekly influenza surveillance reports summarizing key influenza activity indicators.

Flight data from FlightRadar24.

Chris Alcantara, John Muyskens, Shelly Tan, Adrián Blanco and Armand Emamdjomeh contributed to this report.

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correction: An earlier version of this graphic included Hong Kong cases that were being monitored.

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