Your Monday Briefing – The New York Times

Your Monday Briefing – The New York Times

The number of reported coronavirus cases has risen to more than 68,500, with nearly 1,700 deaths, including a man in Taiwan with no history of travel to mainland China. Here’s the latest.

Though the rate of increase has slowed, there are new fears of global transmission after an 83-year-old American woman tested positive for the coronavirus in Malaysia. She was one of more than 1,000 passengers who left a cruise ship last week in Cambodia. Many went on to other destinations, including to airports in the U.S., the Netherlands and Australia.

Europe had its first fatality from the virus when an 80-year-old Chinese tourist died in Paris, an official said on Saturday, the outbreak’s first fatality outside Asia. The man and his daughter are among 12 confirmed cases in France. European officials are scrambling to deal with the spread of the disease on the continent, where so far there have been 44 cases.

In Japan, some American passengers were evacuated from a cruise ship that now has 355 confirmed coronavirus cases. Canada and Hong Kong say they will also evacuate their nationals from the ship.

You get roughly, “This is Radio Sputnik, broadcasting live from Washington D.C., the capital of the divided states of America.”

The station that has the Sputnik frequency is fairly strong, while the station broadcasting jazz is relatively weak. If you’re by the more powerful transmitter, you get Radio Sputnik.

Is this kind of propaganda relatively unprecedented in U.S.-Russian relations?

It depends on your interpretation of “propaganda.” There have previously been radio broadcasts of foreign-owned and -financed radio stations into the United States.

But part of the change is the more sour mood between the two capitals. Under Putin, there has been a much more concerted effort to undermine Western institutions.

The Facebook campaigns focused on the 2016 election and other things we’ve heard about were direct attempts to influence specific groups of people, so it was more manipulative. This is much more subtle. It’s not old-school propaganda, it’s American hosts — before they got to Sputnik they were fairly down on the United States from the left or right — trying to paint the U.S. as damaged goods.

Is it jarring compared to other radio stations on the dial?

It’s talk radio, so they’re riffing off of headlines about impeachment, Kobe Bryant, coronavirus, that kind of thing. The bureau chief in Washington says they’d like to have a station in New York but the cost is bigger than their budget allows.

That’s it for this briefing. See you next time.

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